Trendy Wholesale Scarves for Winter 2015-2016

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In the winter, when the wind blows, it rains a lot or it even snows, and when the air is cold your wholesale scarves become more than an accessory, they are an essential part of your clothing. Designers suggest this year a wide variety of designs, shades of colors and textures. This year, designer scarves which areincredibly bright, colourful or with fabulous prints are in fashion. Having richly nuanced floral or abstract patterns, such a wholesale scarf can be compared with a beautiful painting, surrounding you with elegance and originality. Even tiny polyester scarves can completely change a woman’s image, her style, and they can give you touch of elegance.

When you choose designer scarves, the colours matter a lot, as well as the material they are made of. This year, there are several materials in trends you can choose from – thinner or thicker, knitted silk, fluffy fur, lace, satin, wool scarves, etc.These fabrics can create an individual and elegant style, romantic or casual, with a youthful personality that distinguishes you from the crowd. Besides the material, it is very important how you arrange your wholesale scarf around the neck, in order to obtain the desired look.

wholesale handbags and scarve

The wholesale scarves should be chosen carefully because this accessory highlights the style and elegance of a lady. They can be worn with a dress or a business suit, but wholesale shawls, for example, can also become an article of clothing that protects against the cold in winter. This season, you can choose different wool scarves with prints, block colors, polka dots, stripes, geometric shapes or with different other patterns. The most fashionable colors are yellow, red, blue and green.

Also, this year, trendy snoods in oriental style are in the top preferences of designers: Persian special prints, with golden fringes or tassels, made of silk or knitted, etc. For the winter months, creators have prepared a collection of wholesale shawls and trendy snoods made of loose materials, in 60s style. They can be matched with a thick dress, or with blue jeans and a shirt, enhancing both elegant and casual outfits. Moreover, they are the best option for protection from wind and cold temperatures.

If you go to a party or a social event, or for the New Year’s party, designers recommend polyester scarves. They are much more elegant, and they are a better option for a special evening. Long scarves are also very popular. They can be wrapped several times around your neck, protecting you from the cold, and still the ends will reach the waist or just below, for an elegant touch.

Fur wholesale scarves are indicated for the cold months of the year. They are very elegant, warm and will protect your neck from the cold. Such a fine article may be made of natural or artificial fur and colors can vary greatly, from the lightest shades to the darkest.

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