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Survey: Buying Handbags Can Make Women More Happy Then Anything Else

As published in Dailymail UK, According to the The survey of 2,000 women commissioned by Saveme4later.com, women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other item.One in every four women said they enjoyed buying a smart bag to buying dressy shoes.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” a well-known quote, but in the era that we live in, things might have to be slightly different. In order to make the quote sound a bit more up to date we could say that “handbags are a girl’s best friend”. Why, you might be wondering? The answer is quite easy to understand. We live a full and agitated life. Our jobs take up most of our day so we spend a lot of time away from home. In order to be happy and comfortable when they are not at home, people need different things to survive. Some of them are important, others are not that significant.

Everyone knows that some girls like to exaggerate and they like to over pack, which can be a day to day problem. They need a purse, first of all, for tissues, keys, phone, make-up, pen, notebook, and many more. In order to keep all these things in a certain order, they need to get good sized wholesale handbags. The good news is that both the market and online stores are filled with loads and loads of styles and dimensions of bags for every taste and wishes.

Women can find cheap handbags at least a few times a year. Wholesale designer handbags can be also bought at a discounted price every now and then. The only condition is to have some savings and of course keep an eye on those sales. Acess.co.uk, the leader in wholesale handbags UK offer a big collection of bags that are up to date to the last trends. Fashionistas and bag addicts can’t miss a chance on the most recent sales.

There are also a number of women who are not keen on buying a new bag every season. And this thing is understandable. Why would you want to buy a new bag every few months? Wholesale handbags suppliers are ready to fulfil every person’s dream whether they are handbag enthusiasts or not. The most common types of wholesale handbags are definitely tote bags, cross body and clutches.

Every woman who owns at least three kinds of bags can be happy, and she has everything she needs. No one needs more bags that they can wear. On the other side, there are also girls who love to collect them and wear a different bag every day. Although this might seem crazy, it is actually true. They will get wholesale handbags every season and always follow the latest trends. If we think about it as an investment, it is certainly something quite understandable. Some people like to collect cars, shoes, gadgets and so on, so why not collect handbags, too? If this is you, visit Acess.co.uk and complete your collection without having to spend a fortune!

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