The Ultimate Buying Guide to Designer Jewellery

Women have a thing for jewellery. So, if you are an independent woman, you don’t need a lover or a relative to give you jewellery as gifts. You can go out and buy one yourself. It can be the proper boost after a long busy day, or why not, a reward for a success.


When it comes to buying jewelry, things can get a little complicated. Here you have a buying guide to designer jewellery that will give you the most important aspects in finding the perfect jewel. It will make you feel beautiful, confident and powerful.

  1. Discover your style

When choosing a piece of jewelry for yourself you should keep in mind your personal style and outfit. Are you a woman that likes wearing conservative suits, heels, dresses, or more likely casual or freely, feminine things, or does your wardrobe skew more minimalist and sporty? When choosing your jewellery, you’ll want it to look great with your outfit and accordingly to your style.

Are you looking for a basic, clean, minimal piece that will match every outfit or a statement “wow-’em” piece that you’ll wear for special occasions? A fine watch or a pendant necklace featuring a crimson ruby garnet adds a spark and sophistication.  Also, a ring with a larger gemstone will gives glamour to any occasion.

  1. Set your budget

Once you know what kind of jewellery you want, consider a budget limit. For building your basic wardrobe, on a limited budget you can opt for a gold piece with no gemstones like a chain necklace or a simple signet ring. If you desire something special without spending a fortune, you can consider freshwater pearls, elegant and always in trend.

When you want to invest in a fine piece of fashion jewelry from a reputable auction house, you should consider saving money until you can buy it. Diamonds are at the top of the list of precious jewels sought by buyers. These investments are worth it because you’ll have it a lifetime and will give you a sophisticated and empowering look, but not everyone can afford them.

Alternatively, you can consider buying jewellery online, where you can find a wide range of jewellery by just a click away and in the comfort of your home. Many discounts deserve your attention. If you don’t know where to buy jewelry online, start with, which offers a wide range of jewels and accessories.

  1. Protect your jewellery

Once you know what you’ll buy, make sure to ask your jeweler for a warranty (should cover a yearly cleaning) for your piece or if a service plan is available (should cover the cost of repairs). Also, you may consider an insurance policy, depending on your investment, to protect it, it will be worth it.

This ultimate buying guide to designer jewellery takes you through everything you need to know about buying your dream piece. Jewelry is exciting and empowering, so don’t hesitate to buy what you love. You deserve it!


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